Why It's A Big Deal When Men Wear Women's Clothes In Public

Russell O’Connor has always felt trapped between male and female, but he finds freedom in dressing as a woman. My wife used to say that she could tell how I was feeling by what was in.

As an example, it was unacceptable for a man to wear pantyhose, these days, its at the 'OK' stage, and many men wear them, especially in winter.

Mar 20,  · We should stop saying women’s clothing for skirts or dresses, even men can wear dresses and skirts and there is no need to say, that are women’clothing, that are my clothing (I am a straight man who likes to wear dresses and skirts.
Mar 20,  · We should stop saying women’s clothing for skirts or dresses, even men can wear dresses and skirts and there is no need to say, that are women’clothing, that are my clothing (I am a straight man who likes to wear dresses and skirts.
Jun 03,  · women can wear men's clothes in public simply because they do it and has been doing so for some fifty years. But if you'd go back to the 's, a woman in pants was considered as strange as man in a skirt is tennesseemyblogw0.cfs:
I'm a guy that likes to wear ALL womens clothing in public, but the clothes are easily assumed to be mens clothes. Shoes, socks, pants or shorts, panties, shirt, all womens clothes. Only a woman would notice if see really looked, which women don't usually do.
hey.. its absolutely normal. you are right. clothes are clothes, i am a crossdresser. i love to wear women clothes. I do it whenever i get a little time. i love the soft touch of feminine fabric. i am in heaven whenever i am woman. i just love it. so please dont hesitate in wearing clothes. just enjoy the life.

Jun 03,  · women can wear men's clothes in public simply because they do it and has been doing so for some fifty years. But if you'd go back to the 's, a woman in pants was considered as strange as man in a skirt is tennesseemyblogw0.cfs:

But if you'd go back to the 's, a woman in pants was considered as strange as man in a skirt is now. But women who wear mens clothes should not complain on men wearing skirts and such: Thanks for your comment Watch Tower, I think a historical look at the nature of gender roles would shed a revealing light on those conventions we have come to apparently accept as eternal truths. This would be one of the better articles I have read.

Yup no female actors at all, Men played the females and did so very well, which is were we get the merkin from they would have huge fan followings and both men and woman would pursue their favorite 'female' stars.

I think a lot of people would be surprised to learn how many men do wear female undergarments as an everyday practice. I do not see anything wrong with it, But then that's ok, by most as it is hidden and unseen. Woe betide them if they happen to feel more comfy in a dress or skirt. I have a friend that is a cross dresser, he is not gay or perverted. He simply feels more comfortable in woman's attire, and in fact he is better looking and has far more out going personality when he dress's.

He doesn't harm anyone. I have met a lot of men who cross dress to varying degrees and they have purges where they throw everything out, because society has told them they are sick in the head, disgusting etc, then they just end up feeling horrid and yes unnatural if they can not dress how they wish to in female clothing. The fact is we have for so many generations been brought up to believe aspects of human behavior, that men are this and woman are that.

The fact is now we are learning its not black and white and the process that make's up the human mind is so complex and exhibits itself in such a broad and varied spectrum that the term 'Normal ' is now only a thin perception. To thy own self be true and better self empowerment for it. I wud never wear the things a women would wear unless I was a cross dresser " Gender is one thing then to be gay is another I am not brothered of seeing two gay men wearing neat clothes that dress the same color to see a man wearing women clothes comes to be a hub disscussion".

Thanks for your comments Brenda, LondonGirl, Lisa, et al, it's nice to have other women weighing in on the issue, even if it is to disagree. Discussion makes the world a happier place I don't know where you people live I took a group of children to the theatre in Dublin and there was a couple of guys in the queue with us, their parents went into shock, I think these things are a new concept here, now where you are you may have men dressing as women in the classroom but it has not reached here yet Personally I don't mind what people do, as long as they don't offend me We would still be at the hard stare stage here if we saw a man dressed a woman during the day in our town.

I am from Manchester but it is 12 years since I lived there. Nothing would shock me there at all Actually, a lot pf people in those countries do think Kilts and Priests' robes look pretty daft! We have tons of male customers at HappyHer. Most men's underwear isn't nearly so silky and sexy to wear. I think women who wear it and enjoy it should totally understand why a man would feel the same way about it! Lisa, ever stop a moment to think that maybe the reason why you think a man looks ridiculos in a skirt is because you've been taught to think that simply by growing up in a society where you don't see it?

In cultures where do men wear 'skirts', ie Scotland with their Kilts, Asian countries where men wear robes, the Catholic church, nobody thinks they look silly. Fashion, aesthetics and other such concepts are moveable and malleable, they are not static truths as your comment supposes them to be. When women first wore trousers, men accused them of being ugly and unfeminine too, now there are very few women who do not own a pair.

Men aren't commenting on hubs where women write about fashion pants saying that women look ridiculos and trying to make them feel bad about their choice to wear pants. If a man did, he would be howled down as being sexist and mysoginistic.

But because it is a woman doing that to a hub about men wearing feminine dress, hey, that's a okay. Because for some bizzare reason, some women think that they have the corner on what is acceptable in fashion, and men better just toe the line.

You might get looks if you wore a tutu and an army helmet to the store, but I don't think it would garner the sort of angry rejection that men face when they want to wear something other than their prescribed 'uniform'.

It's about how we see the world This is the world; the way I see it I'd love to hear your thoughts on this piece I, personally, don't see anything "moral" or "immoral" about a guy who wants to wear women's clothes, but - I'm sorry - I find they look ridiculous.

There's a reason male comedians often dress up in women's clothes as part of a bit. Heck, some masculine-looking women also look ridiculous in some particularly feminine looking clothes. If some guy wants to look ridiculous it's his business, but nobody should be surprised if others respond to him as if he were Milton Berle in one of his famous and obnoxious women's clothing bits. I don't see it as having my freedom to express myself squelched when I know I'd get "looks" if I wore a pink tutu and an army helmet to the grocery store.

I don't want the looks, so I don't do that kind of thing. I kind of think it's more an "aethestics thing" than anything else a good part of the time.

There's just something ridiculous looking about a big shouldered, giant, lumbering, person with hairy legs in a mini-skirt that looks ridiculous.

Anyone else tired of people trotting out 'The Children' whenever they want to postulate terrible thing X happening if Y is allowed to happen? I was in my local library about 10 years ago when I noticed a guy in a skirt near where I was sitting. A child walked up and asked him why he was wearing a skirt but didn't seem to be tramuatized by the sight. It's interesting that it is always the female commenters who show wild intolerance and breaks from logic that astounds me.

By and large, guys will come by and crack a fairly well meaning joke and move on, but for some reason, women actually think they have some deity given right to tell men what they can and cannot do. It's incredibly arrogant and ignorant all at the same time. As for you, Mr BillyB, you're certainly not the only conservative male who wears lingerie, when dealing with the human animal wild generalizations will normally fall short of some individuals: Another great article, but I guess that I am the enigma in your story on most views I am politically conservitive and yet I love wearing high heels and lingire I am all for people having the freedom to express them selves as long as it does not bring harm to others and I am aginst any form of government interfering in our lives and our wallets.

With all due respect, the bathroom argument? If a person can't explain to a child that clothing doesn't define gender, that person is a poor teacher indeed. In fact, Brenda notes that her problem isn't with women dressing as men female teachers do it in the classroom all the time , but with men wearing perceptibly "feminine" garments.

I submit that Brenda doesn't have as much a problem with men in "women's clothing" as she does with the prejudices that attach to such a scenario.

Clothing, being inanimate, cannot be a nightmare. Only animate things make nightmares. Animate things like bigoted parents, fundamentalist preachers and children suffused in the miasma of intolerance before they get the chance to make their own choices. Brenda, a man wearing a skirt is not the same as a man in the women's bathroom. I think you're mistaking fashion freedom for the concept of transsexual behavior - they're not the same thing.

Also, I fail to see what children have to do with anything. Are you saying the concept of men in the bathroom is somehow inherently detrimental to children? Some places have unisex toilets The fact that you describe this theoretical scenario as a 'nightmare' is actually kind of disturbing to me. It seems to imply that men are more likely than not, predators.

It's a well known fact that most people who harm children are known to the child, they're not some guy who feels the need to live as a woman. They're certainly not some guy in the women's toilets. Have I misunderstood your point, or was this what you were actually driving at? Have men really become so marginalized? If a woman was to go into a man's bathroom, would it also be considered a 'nightmare'?

Or are random women safer than random men? I have to tell you , that men dressing in womens clothes is a nightmare to parents and teachers who have to take children to places where they may have to use public toilets It is a nightmare This is a very funny hub. I have to say though, women's cloths don't fall well on men. Plus, you guys just don't know how to walk in women's clothes you're all so You have just explained the genetic basis for why I live in waco, liberal San Francisco.

I know a wonderful street artist who has made me three purses shoulder bags that I carry all over town on weekends. Now, if it would just get warm enough here to wear one of my skirts outside. Although tolerated by most, a male donning feminine clothing remains in the realm of perversion. Talk about inequality amongst the genders! It's a tuff sell to convince the bigots of the religious right of any other lifestyle than the one put down by their preachers.

A man wearing a dress is not a threat to anyone any more than a woman wearing pants. The sooner we are able to eliminate social conditioning as an acceptable form of discrimination the better off we all will be.

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I guess if he wants to it's okay. What is the old saying: All my clothes have been selected in the section labeled "Women's". If you like the canvas or thick wool or cotton feel on your skin, stick with menswear. Everyone has their own opinions about everything in the world. I'v grown to appreciate thoroghly womens clothes and makeup.

I only wish that I was born into a womens body. The shoes are more stylish, lightweight and in my opinion more comfortable mainly sneakers and flats I also have stomach trouble and more clothing is offered that is not so tight and uncomfortable.

If you have a healthy relationship, no woman is going to leave you because you wear panties. If your relationship is plagued with many problems, then wearing panties can become a helpful scapegoat which both parties can use when avoiding the real issues at hand.

The female partner declares the man a freak, and the man declares her an intolerant bigot and they go their separate ways. I must stress this point again. If women are leaving you repeatedly, it is not because of the panties. It may be because of behaviors related to the panties, if you prefer to express a feminine quality and your partner is not attracted to feminine qualities on a basic level, then you may be a poor match for one another.

There may also be other issues in the relationship, money issues, trust issues, daddy issues, who knows. Is she feeling left out? Are you worried about money issues? Is one of you undergoing a quarter or mid life crisis.

If dressing in female clothing makes you feel vulnerable and passive, there is nothing wrong with that, but some men who wear lingerie for these reasons can end up engaging their partners in a role play that their partners never signed on to, agreed to or are interested in.

Be honest with yourself, have you found yourself trying to manipluate your partner into treating you in a more feminine way? Have you, without her consent or knowledge, tried to fulfil some panty related desire?

If you want to play the girl, then talk to your partner about it. If she refuses to play, then respect that. It is very damaging to use your partner like some walking talking toy of carnal delights. This article was from Hubpages and you can read the full article with comments here. Females have a lot of historical menswear now considered feminine since ; what Marxist theft! Unless u want to be a women. I just had an interesting conversation with my son Keep in mind, his autism makes him very literal sometimes.

I told him to always be up front about it with any partner, that the sneaking around could cause damage…. I love that they make him feel sexy and playful. But I worry about my son. I wish the world was more sex positive and less rigid in gender roles. I have always dressed in female clothing — and finally had a sex change Why because I felt I was a girl inside.

When I was young I had girlfriends and they took notice that I liked their fashion and wanted to give them advice on what they wore. I believe we are all born with male and female inside us and some times the other side comes to the surface — and we have to react to that side other side surfaces and we want to. I feel betrayed and hurt that I was deceived for so long.

I had no idea!!! I feel my marriage was a sham. We have had a sexless marriage for at least 7 years but, he insists he has absolutely no desire to be with a man. He has asked me to keep this a secret between the two of us. We see so many manly guys on TV, film and magazines these days — who always look photogenic. He started back at the age of 19 — experimenting with makeup while he suffered from a severe acne condition.

Nail polish is like makeup for fingernails — but it does more than just decorate them. Some men use clear nail polish to strengthen their nails which easily get cracks. And there are other types which help break the habit of biting your nails. They leave a bitter but harmless taste when you bite your nails or suck your thumb. We see lots of female models and fashionistas wearing long jackets or coats.

But if we look back in time, men have worn those types of layering for ages. The trench coat is a good example. This knee-length, water-resistant raincoat was originally made for soldiers during World War I. It offered protection and storage for weapons as they battled out the enemy from under the trenches. So you CAN make any trench coat part of your style.

Can a man wear women's clothing? Here are 7 clothes or items that are generally perceived as womenswear but have counterparts for stylish men. Women wear men’s or man-like clothing with hardly a notice while if a man does so much as wear a pint shirt he is criticized. We all know that every item of a man’s clothes has been adopted for personal use by many women. Jun 03,  · women can wear men's clothes in public simply because they do it and has been doing so for some fifty years. But if you'd go back to the 's, a woman in pants was considered as strange as man in a skirt is tennesseemyblogw0.cfs: