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Param tre un probl trez l'adresse de messagerie utilisateur selon la valeur correcte. Cannot use wildcards when deleting a directory tree. Tried to call a function on a data type that does not allow this type of functionality ie calling Sound::

No certificate at that index first cert is at index 0 No certificate at the specified index. No certificate available at the requested index.

No certificate context No certificate context exists. No certificates found in the PFX. No certificate store has been opened. No certificates with private keys found. No certificate with private key found. No charset specified, assuming Windows No charset specified.

No child with this content. No child with this tag. No client certificate required by the server. No client hello to send! No ClientHello when deriving keys. No ClientKeyExchange to send! No code page detected yet, check to see if header is valid ANSI No content-length header field. No cookie jar found. No cookies exist yet. No CRLF's found in header.

Converting line endings to CRLF. No data source for scanning to find CRC. No data to inflate. NodeData No default namespace has been set. No descendent with this tag. No descendent with this tag and content. No dest out for inflate. No dest output for compress64 No dest output for compress PWD.

No disc present in the specified drive. No encryption certificates were specified. No end-of-header double CRLF found. No entry point was found. No explicit signing certificate set No filePath No files match No key No key provider info is available. No key to export. No match found in AddressBook local-machine certificate store. No match found in CA current-user certificate store.

No match found in CA local-machine certificate store. No match found in MY current-user certificate store. No match found in MY local-machine certificate store. No match found in ROOT current-user certificate store. No match found in ROOT local-machine certificate store.

No match found to extract. No matching RecipientInfo found. No match was found for the SubjectKeyIdentifier. No memory for pCAL params. No memory for pCAL purpose. No memory for sPLT palettes. No memory to process text chunk. No more chunked content No more processes or not enough memory or maximum nesting level reached No more signers Updated No output for streaming. No output object for writing file to tar.

No output object for writing file to tar.. No password required for this user. No P found in XML. No pfxFiles child found. No private key available No private key loaded No private key seems to be available for signing 5 No private key seems to be available for signing 6 No private key was provided for the client certificate.

No Q found in XML. No response body to fetch No response body to read No response buffer for redirect. Need a secret key for symmetric encryption algorithms No server certificate is available. No signing certificate has been set. No space left on device No spawned processes No src data for decoding No SSH channel for reading. No SSH connection established! No SSL on port is probably incorrect! Not an ABC file.

Not a PKCS7 enveloped message. Not a valid cache file. Not caching because the output is already a file. Not embedding certificate chain.. Not enough data for beginning Zlib decompression with dict. Not enough memory or resources.

Not enough memory or resources on console sound ram. Not enough memory to decompress chunk Not enough memory to decompress chunk.

Not enough memory to decompress chunk.. Not enough memory to process text chunk. Not enough memory to process zTXt chunk.

Not implemented yet Not including file last-mod time in Gzip no toxic in blood Not password protected. Not sending a CertificateRequest. Set the AllowCookieResponseCaching property to update the cache for responses that set cookies. No valid authentication methods found.

NTLM v2 response is too short.. NULL buffer passed to get-next-chunk. Construct number is too big Number of loaded PFX files is zero. Specified value is not within expected range. Stereo driver not installed? Operation not permitted Operation on a non-blocking socket could not complete immediately. Our apologies, but you need a video card that supports shader model 3 or higher to run this game.

Out of memory allocating MimeField. Out of memory for data buffer Out of memory for header. Out of memory for long filename header. Out of memory for receive buffer.. Out of memory for socket read Out of memory for socket reading Out of memory for socket reading to output Out of memory loading ANSI file header Out of memory loading header. Out of memory processing unknown chunk.

Out of memory processing zTXt chunk. Out of memory reading file after header Out of memory reading file into string buffer Out of memory when loading Unicode file into data buffer. Out of memory while procesing keyword Out of memory while processing sCAL chunk Out of memory while processing unknown chunk.

Parsing PAX extended header Passed 0 bytes to BeginDecompress. Password change requested passwordDecode Password decode failed Zip 2. PBES1 not supported with chunks. PBES2 not supported with chunks. Trying to load a file as if this was the case PKCS12 derive key failed. PKCS7 Data -- oid must be 1. Please close any other applications and try again Please contact the application's support team for more information. Please spawn character on the map Please turn off your anti virus and restart your machine Please wait..

PPM stored filename too long. PPM stream has already ended, flushing remainder to output Private key required, but not provided Private-Lines Private-Lines: Processing extended PAX header.

Event and there is no default value. NTLM Proxy authentication is required to access the specified resource. Static text uses imported font! SWF file is compressed. Number of filter data entries does not match number of shapes, call failed. Out of memory, call failed. Mass and inertia computation failed, setting mass to 1 and inertia to 1,1,1 PxRigidBodyExt:: No mass specified, setting mass to 1 and inertia to 1,1,1 PxRigidBodyExt:: Archive already opened r3dFont: Old version terrain data file r3dTerrain:: Reached maximum audible playback count for this sound's soundgroup.

Reading chunked HTTP proxy response Reading chunked response Reading chunked response. Received Close on SSH channel. Recreating terrain tile orient data Removing leading zero byte! Re-sending with Basic Authorization header Reserve reserved prefix xml must not be undeclared or bound to another namespace name reserved prefix xmlns must not be declared or undeclared reseted ResetEvent?

Retrying Download after proxy authentication Retrying resume download after proxy authentication Re-trying with NTLM authentication Retry with new keyset Retry with reversed bytes to handle CryptoAPI produced signatures.

Return condition still not satisfied Returning previously queued message Root self-signed certificate signature verified. RSA signature verification failure. RSA signature verification success.

Scope stack underflow occurred. Sending client-side certificate s Sending newkeys to server Sent disconnect Sent env request Sent e to server. Sent handshake messages up to and including ServerHelloDone. Sent keyboard-interactive request Sent keyboard-interactive response. Sent public-key request with signature. SentServiceReq Sent shell request Sent signal Server certificate has a trusted root.

Server certificate is expired. Server certificate is NOT expired. Server certificate is verified. Server certificate root is not trusted. Server certificate signature is verified. Server certificate signature verification failed. Server certificate verification failed. ServerHelloSize ServerHello too long. ServerHello too short 1.

ServerHello too short 2. ServerHello too short 3. ServerHello too short 4. Server sent more than one ServerCertificateRequest message during handshake. Server sent more than one ServerKeyExchange message during handshake. Should not have received the ChangeCipherSpec yet Size of decrypted packet length changed! Size of encrypted data changed! Skipping because cert is not for secure email Skipping because cert is self-issued.

Skipping because filename does not match pattern. Skipping because of no file extension Skipping because subject key identifier does not match. Skipping non-exact file extension Skipping offline file. Skipping private key access to avoid chance of interactive security dialog from appearing Skipping this cert because it was already added Must reconnect with SSH server.

Socket connection to HTTP server is not writeable. Socket is no longer readable socket is not ready for writing socket is not ready for writing; socket is not ready for writing. Socket packet memory allocation error.

Socket reading memory allocation failed. Socket read memory allocation failed. Socket ReceiveBytes for tunnel aborted by application. Socket receive memory allocation failed. Socket select after connect returned 0 Socket select after connect returned 0. Socket send aborted by application Socket send aborted by heartbeat callback Socket SendBytes2 aborted by application. Socket SendBytes2 aborted by application. Socket send failed Socket send idle timeout Socket SendString aborted by application.

SOCKS5 server is allowing no authentication. SOCKS5 username is empty. Something went wrong for Action: Acceleration slider is off! Very bad for performance Soundcard does not support the minimum features needed for this soundsystem 16bit stereo output. Source is an empty file. Source is in-memory and zero-length. Source is password-protected, but less than 12 bytes Source is password-protected, but not in memory. Most likely because it is an invalid instance number or the reverb doesnt exist.

SSH publickey authentication failed. SSH Tunnel ssh-userauth ssh-userauth service accepted. Streaming request body from file W Sub-allocator not yet started.

SuccessApplyToClan Successfully added certificate to certificate store. Padding is OK and hashes match. Switch to 'Classic Text'.

Terrain2 was uploaded in inconsistent state - layer count in terrain2. Someone forgot to upload terrain2. Attempting to create physics data terrain.

The ABC data is corrupt, attempt to read out of bounds. The asterisk character is not allowed in Windows filenames. The character is not allowed in Windows filenames.

The close-angle-bracket character is not allowed in Windows filenames. The double-quote character is not allowed in Windows filenames. The error occured because the sound referenced contains subsounds when it shouldn't have, or it doesn't contain subsounds when it should have. The operation may also not be able to be performed on a parent sound, or a parent sound was played without setting up a sentence first.

The form function 'function body' is not supported. The HTTP request timed out. The last instruction exceeded code size. The lpWSAData is not a valid pointer. The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed. The number of allowed instances of a plugin has been exceeded. The older SSH v1. The open-angle-bracket character is not allowed in Windows filenames. The operation string is not a valid operation.

The private key is exportable. The private key is not marked as exportable. The requested music entity could not be found. There was an error decompressing the data. The right-hand side of instanceof must be a class or function.

The right-hand side of operator must be a class. The sound created exceeds the allowable input channel count. This can be increased using the maxinputchannels parameter in System:: The specified channel has been reused to play another sound. The specified project or bank has already been loaded.

Having multiple copies of the same project loaded simultaneously is forbidden. The specified range is invalid. The specified resource requires authentication or is forbidden. The specified sound is still in use by the event system, call EventSystem:: The specified sound is still in use by the event system, wait for the event which is using it finish with it. The specified tag could not be found or there are no tags.

The specified URL couldn't be resolved. The subsound's mode bits do not match with the parent sound's mode bits. See documentation for function that it was called with. The supplied index is out of bounds. The syncpoint did not come from this sound handle. The system is out of memory. The underlying network subsystem is not ready for network communication. The vectors passed in are not unit length, or perpendicular. The version number of this file format is not supported.

The version of Windows Sockets support requested is not provided by this particular Windows Sockets implementation. They might have visual artifacts! This certificate has a private key. This code has been revoked This code has been revoked! This code has been revoked. This command failed because System:: This error typically occurs when trying to decode data that is not ASN.

This indicates a bug in your application. This is actually a page-not-found error. Actualmente se encuentra desactivado porque el idioma ya es compatible. Se si sceglie di aggiornare la sottoscrizione esistente, al prezzo della nuova sottoscrizione verr necessario specificare una password utente.

Para obtener ayuda, p Nicht alle ausgew nico '. Wenden Sie sich an Ihren Systemadministrator um Hilfe n. Il nome utente DotNet deve essere un indirizzo e-mail valido. Impostare 'Utente e-mail ' sul valore corretto. Not activated product Not all of the selected files could be translated.

E1 n que est n regional. Especifique su nombre de usuario y contrase n remota de LEC DotNet , pero no ha especificado un nombre de usuario. Si decide actualizar la suscripci N Sybui NT3. O seu custo final ser o de e-mail e senha v o de e-mail v o de email v o de fuente o de imagens. Confira em suas instru o de imagens deve estar instalado para que a tradu o de internet.

Para poder fazer essa tradu o de suporte o diretamente no site da LEC. Atualmente est o do texto selecionado o do usu Oekraiens o em seu computador. Stel seker dat OLE bibliotheken de juiste versie heben. Make sure that the OLE libraries are the correct version. OleUninitialize o mais popular j o mais popular para o idioma selecionado. Premium subscriptions can be obtained in the Subscribe dialog.

Onze excuses, beperkte gebruikers kunnen alleen de lokale server geebruiken als deze al gestart is. Neemt u aub contact op met uw Systeembeheerder voor hulp o oferecidos gratuitamente para nossos clientes.

Optionen bitte Ihren Benutzernamen und Ihr Kennwort ein. Tente um usu o teve otilde Otilde otimes Ottimale O u,g0W: Pour traduire des PDF, il convient d'installer le module d'aide partir d'un format d'image. La destination est en lecture seule ou corrompue. Ecriture dans le dossier temporaire de l'utilisateur pertoire. La destination semble corrompue. Please find the Collins dictionary Please type in a valid e-mail address and password.

If you are an existing customer, or if you received a subscription by purchasing software, this will activate your subscription. Plural plusmn Plus rapide PMingLiU pmmetafile pngblip pntext podem utilizar o servidor local se ele j pode optar entre as assinaturas: Poging om Nieuw Woordenboek te maken is Mislukt.

Bestemming is alleen-lezen of corrupt. Wordt naar tijdelijke gebruikersfolder geschreven. Probleem bij het omzetten van document in RTS Formaat.

MS Office moet hiervoor geinstalleerd zijn. O MS Office deve estar instalado para esta tarefa. Problema com o servidor de tradu Problema con el servidor de traducci Problema di conversione del documento dal formato immagine.

Un Supporto di localizzazione immagine deve essere installato. Controllare le istruzioni di installazione relative a come installare il supporto alla traduzione delle immagini. Problema di conversione del documento dal formato PDF. Un Supporto di localizzazione di immagine deve essere installato per la traduzione in formato PDF. Problemas al convertir el documento al formato RTF. F Problem bei der Konvertierung des Dokuments aus einem Bildformat.

Die Unterst Problem connecting to local server at Problem converting document from image format. Image translation support must be installed. Please check you installation instructions for how to install image translation support. Problem converting document from PDF format. Image translation support must be installed for PDF translation.

Problem converting document to RTF format. MS Office must be installed for this to work. Toutefois, vous pouvez ;]Rbg" r Bild. O destino aparece corrompido. O destino pode ser somente leitura ou estar corrompido.

Gravando na pasta tempor rio. Por favor, abra o painel de op rio. Das Ziel scheint besch rterbuch konnte nicht erstellt werden. Accedere alla scheda Rete nella finestra delle opzioni del programma e specificare il nome utente e la password. Si sta tentando di utilizzare il servizio di traduzione remoto LEC DotNet senza aver specificato il nome utente. Specificare il nome utente e la password. Soltar solvent les probl Somente usu Sono disponibili nuove versioni dei prodotti per il download gratuito.

Per informazioni sulle modifiche apportate rispetto alla versione in uso, vedere l'elenco riportato di seguito. Salvare il programma di installazione nel computer, quindi chiudere l'applicazione ed eseguire il programma di installazione. Non Sophist Solutions, Inc. Per modificare la password, accedere alla scheda Rete nella finestra delle opzioni del programma e inserire la password corretta. Nuestros clientes pueden obtener dichas mejoras de forma gratuita.

Tali aggiornamenti vengono forniti gratuitamente ai clienti. The connection to the translation server was successful. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog there4 There are newer versions of the Translate DotNet products available for your free download.

See the list below for some of the changes made since the version you are currently running. Save the installer to your computer, then quit this application and run the installer the installer cannot be run at the same time as this application. There are newer versions of this product available for your free download. The subscription server is currently unavailable. The list of subscriptions displayed is the most recent obtained from the server, but may be out of date.

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. This indicates a bug in your application. This program cannot be run in DOS mode. Traducir archivo o carpeta Traduction Traduction en cours traduire. Traduire le fichier ou le dossier tradurre solo file di testo, rtf e html pagine Web. Such enhancements are provided free of charge to our customers. Translate DotNet products worden regelmatig geupdate naar nieuwe versies, die bestaande problemen oplossen en nieuwe functies toevoegen.

Deze uitbrieidngen worden gratis aan onze klanten verstrekt. Param tre un probl trez l'adresse de messagerie utilisateur selon la valeur correcte.

Het zal niet eerder goed functioneren dan na het herstarten van uw computer. U heeft vertaalprogramma's op uw computer geinstalleerd. Per definitie zal deze computer gebruikt worden voor het vertalen, omdat dit u normaal gesproken de beste prestatie geeft. U kunt echter kiezen voor de LEC DotNet vertaalserver voor vertalingen, dit geeft u de meeste vertaaltalen. U kunt kiezen uit de volgende abonementen: Ga naar het Netwerk Opties scherm en specificeer uw gebruikersnaam en paswoord.

Om deze vertalng te doen, moet u een nieuw abbonement aanschaffen. Als u ervoor kiest uw huidige abonnement te verhogen, wordt u gecrediteerd voor de waarde van uw huidige abonnement. Een DotNet gebruikersnaam moet een geldig e-mail adres zijn.

Stel 'User Email ' in op de juiste waarde. Uw huidige paswoord is incorrect. Om het paswoord te veranderen, ga naar de Network tab van de programma opties en stel het paswoord in op de juiste waarde.

Consulte a lista abaixo para ver algumas das mudan vel. A lista de assinaturas exibida vel editar esse campo para exibir temporariamente textos diferentes. Verbinding met de vertaalserver is mislukt. On ihr rturipjrative iniellitirnr'r. Extra pro- tection for the whitened surface. Cleaners that will not dry ami cake in their containers — keeping their smooth, moist consistency to the tut squeeze in the tuba, the last drop in the bottle, or the last amear in the jar.

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It's for her sake, too, that he has joined the. He enjoys the camp life — says it's really an extra holiday. You'll be doing a job for Australia, and for your own Security, if you encourage your man to join the CJV1.

A trained Army isthe best protection for Australian lives and homes. She told him dhout Virginia bowc and bow Andrew bud wni lii i abate. Let him get the imoh thing out ol his syucm. It seemed to Debby that he alwaya returned fooling nithcr Htubrd and di. AiLtfrrw was only pretcnrfiiit; to rrad; he had the inflamed, mp- prrafed EtHik of a bwtit aliout to bunt. She jumped u her feet. She nwallnwed hard- "Why, Ajidrew. You nee, I'm a ter- ribly jeatmif perwin myiclf, and I was" n irrern-eyrcf about you and Vtrgioia that 1 had to—" "Virginia?

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Gone the dreadful wakeful nights Gono arc the nights when I was barricaded up with pillows— pillows under my knees; they weTe so swollen and sore I could not stand the pressure ono on the other Ganc is the pillow I had to have on my chest to rest the painful arm, as it was too sore to he on.

For the first time in a good manv years, at last I'm free from pain— free to look after my little family. Many thfiiiks to Dr. Mackenzie's Menthoids for my new happiness. Mackenzie's Menthoids will help you, too, if you suffer backache, rheumatism, neuritis, lumbago or headaches Dr Mackrnfiir's Mi'iilrmidh will hi' N i yon.

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Answers on page 6 1. Kl National Library of Australia http: Now, more than ever before you can make big savings by knitting in long-Wearing, shrinkproof Sun-glo Knitting Wool. Sun-glo 1 s easy-to-follow, practical designs give you this year's smartest fashion trends.

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